YouTube is ready to launch YouTube Music on May 22nd

YouTube Music launch

YouTube is ready to launch YouTube Music

YouTube wants to challenge the Top music streaming services.

Whereas like


Amazon prime,


Google Play Music etc.

I would like to answer some frequently asked questions.

When is YouTube going to launch Streaming services (YouTube Music)?

YouTube is going to live on Mar 22.

Where is YouTube streaming service (YouTube Music) going to launch?

Initially, they setup to launch in U.S., New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Mexico.

How does this YouTube Streaming services (YouTube music) look like?

Same as other top competitors like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal in the global market.

General Info

The brand new altered version of YouTube Music,

Will be available to users


In a free version, this has ads.


Subscription – YouTube Music Premium available at $9.99/month.


Google Play Music subscribers will be instantly accessed to this YouTube Music in the free version.

YouTube Red Rebranded as YouTube Premium

In addition, ad-free streaming platform, YouTube Red rebranded as YouTube Premium,

YouTube Music premium is also accessible to YouTube Red subscribers.

Amazing right!

When we speak about pricing

The new subscriber’s price is fixing up from $9.99/month to $11.99.

Old subscriber’s subscription fee will remain same.

An executive “Jay Fowler” at YouTube explained its personalized experience.

YouTube Music app listens to the Home screen recommendations based on listening patterns, location, day, time.

Do you know what?

This YouTube Music automatically detects the mood

“According to the mood”

“Based on current situation”

“According to the Temperature”

Exciting right!

Hold on

You can experience YouTube Music both with “video and audio”.

YouTube Music is eventually going to launch in 14 other countries.

Let see,

How YouTube is going to crack the Music streaming competition!

One thing to be noted,

YouTube Red is rebranded as YouTube Music.

We know that YouTube is one of the best video platforms.

Wait till May 22nd.

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