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100+Latest Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas 2018


Selecting a Mechanical Project is a bit challenging task, this is the best place to pick up your final year project for your mechanical engineering. We have updated our list according to the latest trends. Select the project based on your interest, in the following list shortlist the projects & do bit little research on the selected one’s.

Here are the list of Mechanical Engineering Projects

  • 3D Modeling & Finite Element Analysis of First Molar Human Tooth using ANSYS Software Project
  • 3D Modeling & Finite Element Analysis of Human Bone using ANSYS software Project
  • 90° Turning Steering Mechanism for Four Wheeler Project
  • Abrasive Belt Grinder Project
  • Abrasive Jet Machining Project
  • Accident Avoiding System for Cutting Machines Project
  • Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine Project
  • Accident Preventing System for Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press Project
  • ACDF-based analysis of the 14-bis aircraft aerodynamics & stability Project
  • Acetylene powered jet engine Project
  • Advanced Design For Tail Wing For Better Performance Project
  • Aero plane visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure Inflation system Project
  • Aerodynamic design study of ground vehicles Project
  • Aerofoil Blades propeller Project
  • Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power Project
  • Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power Project
  • Air & fuel flow interaction in combustion chamber for Various injector locations Project
  • Air compressor using crank & slotted link mechanism Project
  • Alternate fuel for marine engine Project
  • An Implementation of Intelligent Robotic Fish Project
  • Analysis & Optimization of Micro channel Heat Sinking Project
  • Analysis of Gender & Age Group Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction Project
  • Analysis of Loader Arm of pneumatic High Speed Loader Project
  • Analysis of multiphase flow in open channel flows using CFD Project
  • Analysis of plastic component using Pro-E Project
  • Analysis of warm forging process in ANSYS Workbench Project
  • Analysis of water flow for Laminar & Turbulent Flow in Conventional Water Tap Project
  • Analytical investigation of rake contact & friction behavior in different metal cuttings Project
  • Anti-Tank Weapon Robot Project
  • Application Of Coir Fibers as Concrete Composites For Disaster Prone Structures Project
  • Application of evaporation air cooler coupled with solar water heater for dehumidification of indoor air Project
  • Arduino Based Robotic Manipulator Project
  • Arduino Based Smart Boat with Obstacle Detection Project
  • Assessment of turbulence modeling for CFD Project
  • Auto Shape Finder Project
  • Automated Drawing Using C language & Auto CAD Software Project
  • Automated gear shifting mechanism Project
  • Automated side stands with breaking locking System Project
  • Automated System Design for Metro Train Project
  • Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic Signals Project
  • Automatic accident avoiding system for ship by using obstacle sensor Project
  • Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machines or Automobiles Project
  • Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Pneumatic Bend & Bend Removing Machines Project
  • Automatic agarbatti incense stick counting & packing machine Project
  • Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism For Project
  • Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism for Cutting Machine Project
  • Automatic Blackboard Cleaner White Board Cleaner Project
  • Automatic Board Cleaner Project
  • Automatic book reading aid for handicapped people Project
  • Automatic Boring Mechanism For Boundary Project
  • Automatic Bottle Filling System Project
  • Automatic Break Failure Indicator Project
  • Automatic Break Failure Indicator in any vehicle Project
  • Automatic car covering system Project
  • Automatic Car Parking System Project
  • Automatic car parking system for apartment building Project
  • Automatic differential unit locking system Project
  • Automatic Distance Measurement & Braking System Using Ultrasonic Project Project
  • Automatic Door Opening & Closing System Project
  • Automatic double axis pneumatic JCB equipment Project
  • Automatic Electro-plating coating process Project
  • Automatic Electro-plating coating process Project
  • Automatic Electromagnetic Scrap Removing Machine Project
  • Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine Project
  • Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine Project
  • Automatic foot dust cleaning machine Project
  • Automatic Gear Tramission For Two Wheeler Project
  • Automatic Ginger Cutting, Feeding & Drying Machine Project
  • Automatic guided vehicle with remote controlled lifting trolley Project
  • Automatic Head Light Dim – Bright Controller Project
  • Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine Project
  • Automatic Hydraulic Moving Jack For Four Wheeler Project
  • Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubricating System Project
  • Automatic Industrial Fire Fighter (Semi) Project
  • Automatic Intelligent War Robot Mechanical Engineering Project
  • Automatic Lamination Machine Project
  • Automatic Lubrication System Project
  • Automatic Lubrication Unit Project
  • Automatic Moisture & Light Controlling System for Garden Project
  • Automatic Musical Water Foundation Project
  • Automatic over load indication for bridge Project
  • Automatic Packing Control Machine for Industrial Applications Project
  • Automatic Paint Spraying Equipment Project
  • Automatic Paint Spraying Pick & Place Robot Project
  • Automatic Paper Counting Machine Project
  • Automatic parking & breaking system Project
  • Automatic Parking Braking System Project
  • Automatic Path Finding Vehicle Project
  • Automatic Petrol Bunk Project
  • Automatic Petrol Bunk Project
  • Automatic Pneumatic Hammer Project
  • Automatic Pneumatic High Speed Sheet Cutting Machine Project
  • Automatic Pneumatic Punching & Riveting Machine Project
  • Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Project
  • Automatic Power Saving Punching Conveyor Project
  • Automatic Railway Gate Controller Project
  • Automatic Reverse Braking & Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic Project
  • Automatic safety systems for Railway coaches Project
  • Automatic Scrap Collecting Robot Project
  • Automatic Seed Sowing using Solar Project
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