What Is Electric Charge?


Do You know Electric Charge is?

Electric charge is the fundamental property of electrons and protons.

The Electric charge is classified into two types


  • Positive Charge(+)
  • Negative Charge(-)

*Whereas Electrons are Negatively Charged.

*And Protons are Positively Charged.

*The equal number of Electrons and Protons are said to be Neutral.

Where electrons and protons attract each other to stay together to form an Atom.


We know that like electric charge repels each other and opposite charge attracts each other.

This is known as Law of Charges. 

This is discovered by the Charles-Augustin de Coulomb.

Where this law states that how strongly these charges repels and attracts each other is called Coulomb’s Law.

Experimentally it was found out that

CHARGE on ONE ELECTRON —–> -1.6 x 10^(-19) C

CHARGE on ONE PROTON —–> +1.6 x 10^(-19) C

Where the charge is denoted as q.

let us Assume

No. of electrons = No. of protons

Where the equal number of electric charges and the equal number of positive charges Cancel out.

So Overall the atom is electrically neutral.

How will balloon electrically charge?

ballon-rubs-with-hairWe know that every body has the equal number of electrons and protons in it.

It is very important to remember that every body is hungry for electrons.

Even in this case, hair wants Electrons and Balloon want electrons, but the balloon was greedy than the hair.

So the balloon does is, if hair being rubbed against it.

It takes away certain electrons from hair.

As a result, a deficiency of electrons is arising in hair and excess of electrons is getting into the balloon.

Due to this reason, the balloon is getting charged and since there is an excess of negative charges, the balloon is getting negatively charged.

So this is all about a charge. If you know anything apart from this then do post your idea about this on comments.

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