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Career in Digital Marketing Top 9 Reasons – 2018


If you started reading this article, then you wanted to pursue your career in Digital marketing, read till the end of the article.

As increasing number of internet users, many Product based companies, is adapting the digital marketing as a keen platform in their company. We all know that, salaries in the Product based companies are 100% more than the service based companies.

Here i am listing the Top 9 Reasons to choose Career in Digital Marketing

1. Digital Marketer will be in high demand


Every Company needs Digital marketer in their firm, to grow their business much more than crowd of competitors. In the previous day’s, developing the products is very big task for the companies, but now a day’s, there are many technologies and outsourcing units made this task easier.

Now the main challenge for the companies to sustain in the market is to promote their product to reach to the right audience, with the help of Digital Marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing is not only used by the companies, but also used by the Politicians as well to grow their influence. The Very famous example for this is “Narendra Modi” and “Donald Trump’s”.

So if you pursue Career in Digital Marketing then, you will play the keen role in the company growth, don’t ever think about the salaries because, if you are in the Product based companies, then your salaries will be more than the Software Developer.

2. Lucrative Digital Marketing job opportunities

We know the Formula

High Package = When Supply(A good Digital Marketers) is less while demand is huge.

There are huge openings with High packages, if you are a Good Digital marketer. So the career opportunities in Digital Marketing is secure.

3. Digital Marketing Career is a challenging job but equally thrilling

Digital Marketing Career is not an easy task, if you take careless about it. Not every technique you learnt will work, something creativity should be involved, you should always analyse your competitors.

I don’t know, if i come first in my class, i won’t feel that much happy, but if my website for the targeted keywords, starts appearing in the search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. Really i will make a party. In class if i read the subject, then i will come first. But in the Digital Marketing Career, you have to read the competitors brain, analyse, chase them and come first.

4. For Digital Marketing Career, no specific educational background

                    If you want to purse Digital Marketing Career, there will be no specific educational background. All you need is you should love the Digital World. You need to understand, and respond in fractions of seconds. There is no technical knowledge required for this. All you need to learn the techniques for a better Digital Marketer.

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5. Digital Marketers will be Out from Recessions

In Software jobs, if any down in the market, then you will be fired instantly, whereas the Digital market will be in the hands of the Digital Marketers, so there will be no recession of jobs. Your place will be secure, in only the case where your job is in the product based companies.

6. You can Do Freelancing Projects, when you don’t want to do job

If you are bored of doing job, or you are a housewife, want to look after family as well as career, then there

  • Huge freelancing project are in the market, just grab them all, if you manage.
  • Start Blogging, now a days blogging also has broad future.

7. You can Do Freelancing Projects, when you don’t want to do job

Many Companies will rely on the Affiliate marketers to sell their products, like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal etc. You can bring awareness of the particular product to the audience and if they buy through you, then you will get commission.

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Many of them are really rocking with the affiliate marketing. Almost all tech channels in the youtube are doing the same.

8. Work life Balance in Digital marketing Career

You will have more work Life Balance in Digital marketing Career. Just while working setup your own blog, youtube channel etc. Then your earning from them exceeds then, it’s your choice to quit the job or continue. There will be a choice with you, not like as a software developer, if you quit job, then there will no earning, but digital marketing is not like that, if you hate doing job then, you can work as a freelancer, There are Lakhs of projects in queue and looking for the Good Digital Marketer. First of all there will be no scope of recessions. You can live how you want.

9. Blogging( Become Blogger)

Now a days bloggers are earning more, than the employed guys. If you are in perfect in any kind of field then you can start blogging. In Blogging make attractive content, so that users won’t feel bored. If you start blogging then, at the initial stage, at least write 5 articles per day.

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