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Growth Hacking Strategies in 4 Simple Steps – 2018


Growth Hacking Techniques is predominantly being the first choice of the Internet Marketing, whereas today many lakhs of brands and products have using growth hacking strategies to reach to the right audience in a fraction of seconds.

Today, I’ll tell you all those growth hacking strategies in simple steps, you can implement these growths hacking strategies in 5 simple steps to grow your business.

1. Online Video Marketing for your Business

We all know that, everyone is interested to watch the video than reading the content.

Times of India states that the 75% were engaged in watching the videos only 25% were engaged in reading the content.

Here you can tell a story about your business in video marketing strategy, which strengthens your brand’s credibility, and it can help to boost your conversion more rapidly. So why late, start making your story about your business, and this will take your business or product to explore more fast into the public. This is just because, as being a human’s, we process the visuals 70 thousands times faster than the text. Now all the Top tier companies are grabbing the market by using of this growth hacker marketing which includes the Online Video Marketing plays the keen role in branding their product. So by video marketing you can say to the audience awesome story of your business or product or blog anything, by this you can get repeated number of customers or clients or audience to your business.

2. Verify your product before launching, whether it has minimum demands / demanded

Many of us, will have no idea about the market and they will launch the product which no one needs or no one wants. Desired growth hacker knows that growth hacker marketing is not to attract the customers but designing the product which is necessary to the customers need. ” Most of the start ups do not need the growth hackers, initially they need to concentrate on the product which needs to be attracted and should be engaging with all the customer needs “. No one can assume which product is bad or which product is good, before launching. The solution is just don’t launch the product completely by investing all money. Just launch the product partially than asking the customer about feedback, so by this way you can save a lots of times, energy and money. Most of the Top tier companies do follow this method of better business. In this scenario customer feedback plays the vital role in the scope of the product. So hence do not be hurried by investing all the money, and follow the steps. Launch the trial version. See the demand of the product. Now the customer feedback. Analyse above three points carefully and launch the complete product.

3. Include a viral element in your product

Using the most trending element on that particular season or inspirational element that touches everyone or a better love story, and creating the awesome video or post by relating your product or business. If you follow this step then, definitely many millions of shares in whats app and many millions of likes in the Social media and those among millions, lakhs will be converted to leads to your business. Example

” Tata Sky Daily recharges ” Ad had known to every one, probably you also will be knowing if you don’t know then watch these Ad.

These Ads are completely based on the a young Love story, which is very popular at that time. Due to this Ad they reached to the million people and it became viral. We have many examples if we go on to say. So try the most trending element in the video marketing or content marketing, definitely it will be reached to many millions of audience.

4. Leverage guest blogging

This is most known step to everyone, guest blogging is very popular method, and it is proven method. Not only Search Engine Marketing or search engine optimization will only get the audience to your site, or by writing bunch of blog post in your own blog cannot help you, but only the way which can help you instantly be by guest blogging. So well these are the growth hacking strategies, which you need to explore your product or business by using growth hacking strategies. Don’t think that, this growth hacking strategies is not to my business or product, this applies to everyone that competes with the digital world. So start applying these growths hacking strategies today. All the best Buddies. If you like this article do share this article, it will be helpful your friends. If you have any doubt about this do comment and let me know.

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Tech Hemanth

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  • Anjali Sep 20,2017 at 12:11 pm

    Hey i am learning Digital marketing, you really well said about the “growth hacking strategies”, i am planing to start by own website, so this article really helped me a lot. I got very useful stuff on growth hacking strategies. Before i was little confused, how to start and promote my business fastly, here i learnt those growth hacking strategies. thank you so much Tech hemanth

    • Tech Hemanth Sep 20,2017 at 12:27 pm

      You are welcome Anjali, hope all the best for your website, and try to implement these Growth hacking Strategies.

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