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Top 5 Best Tools to Check Website Traffic of Your Competitors


Whether you are a starter or an expert in the digital marketing field, checking your website’s traffic is one of the main important thing that you will do in everyday basisWant to know more about 7 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018

If you are a content marketer then tracking your website analytics and performance of each page on your website is very important. After publishing the 10 Articles, go back and check the analytics which one is performed well and the ones that didn’t. After verifying the website Analytics of your website, then analyse which article is performing well, and concentrate on that article types, which has higher performing.

I always prefer in the number one position is Google Analytics, as in my experience as far, Google analytics is the best tool ever to check for which article the visitors are coming, location, how much time they have spent in your website.

It’s not all about, simply checking the website traffic, you need to analyse your competitor as well, that what they are doing, which type of content they are producing, what are the change they have made in their website. After verifying all such things you will get an idea and alter the changes.

When you check your competitor’s website traffic, you can get a thought on different metrics, for example, page visits, best keywords and the unique visitors. You can get motivation from different other websites about what kind of articles that will perform well on your websites, when you compare website traffic using website traffic comparison tool.

Here I give you a bunch of best website traffic estimator, which can find in online. There are those that are for free to use but some tools are paid version.

1. Google AdWords display ads Planner Tool


Google Adwords is one of the best tool to compare website traffic. This tool is mainly built to help their advertisers to get opportunities for their advertising. Here in this Google Adwords you can find best searched keywords.

When we wanted to analyse our competitor then you can check website traffic in different parameters. Here you will have the capacity to discover the traffic and can compare website traffic in a geography map.

Consider Example, is a popular website in India. Also, on the off chance that I need to calculate the daily page visits of their site, I can look for them, and this is the thing that I have:


I know that they are popular, after checking their traffic then, they get 3.5 Million impressions for each week!

You can as well get statistic information on these websites. You can discover the age & gender and which device most the traffic is engaging.


But, for smaller websites it is little difficult to estimate the data. Due to this difficulty you cannot track down the exact analysis, so here we are missing out the accuracy, for that reason it is not too effective, by making the competitor traffic predictions. However, you can even now utilize this tool when you need to find out about audience interests and those critical measurements identified with a website’s activity.

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This Google adwords display ad planner is free to use, so this is best tool to compare website traffic.

2. SEMrush Tool


In the above defined tool, the only one thing we have missed out, that is accuracy. Here in this SEMrush tool we can find the accuracy and it is best website traffic checker. SEMrush is an advanced tool for many bloggers.

The information you get from SEMrush that includes a keyphrases and keywords with rankings.

It enables you to calculate any website exact and accurate traffic also it provides the keywords to improve the traffic.

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Similarly as with any tools for checking website traffic, there are a few limitation that will restrict us by using if we are in initial stage. This is only free for 14 days, and after that you need to purchase the premium version, worth $499 to get complete access.

3. Alexa Rank Checker Tool

If you need to make a forecast about any website, at that point Alexa is an perfect tool to check your competitor or any website. The website traffic that they predict is not accurate, but you can compare with your website with your competitor website in exact way.


Alexa enables you to observe general and basic website traffic patterns. The list you get is broad.

For, where the rank in alexa for traffic is 155. So here that means, flipkart is one of the top 155 websites around the world. Where Amazon has the traffic rank of 11 around the world, then Amazon is getting more traffic than flipkart.


The Top searched keywords list for website is also listed, you can consider them as top performing keywords in your website. One Disadvantage of Alexa is that it cannot provide results for small or just started websites which they have low traffic.

But, you can compare on this Alexa tool when you wanted to compare websites of your competitors or any other two websites that belongs to same industry. Here For show results Alexa does not charge you but when you want Site Audit then it will charge $199.

4. Google Insights

What you can get from Google Insights is its capacity to give general trends, it will show that, on which topic or category the large number of audience is focused on. It completely shows the “market insights” than your competitors.


It is most helpful when you need to find out about the best key phrases. If you search with any key phrase you want then it will show the number of audience engaged with that key phrase, this is the best way to research before writing any article or starting any business.

Finally, you can see which keywords in a group are most valuable to drive more number of visitors to your website. The critical disadvantage about this free traffic checker tool is the information is little complex, which makes them hard to read.

5. Intention to Advertise

This is one of the strategy to discover perfect traffic rather than a tool. This is almost every one’s favourite tool(its rather than spying directly).

Many websites after getting popularity, they sell their spaces in the website for advertisements, which are called direct ads. So, if you find like that in any website then just approach them, once you approach them, then they will provide the analytics data of their website. That’s it, you can analyse that data and work on those things to perform better.


There you have it, 5 of the best ever tools you can utilize with regards to how to check traffic on website of your competitor and you can check your website as well. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of every tool, so you can choose the correct tool that works fine for your requirements.


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