What is cryptocurrency — and how can I use it?


Many times, in the Facebook, twitter etc., you have come across this word cryptocurrency. If you don’t know then don’t worry, read the post till end.

So, what is cryptocurrency? The most straightforward clarification is that cryptocurrency is a form of digital money. Normal currency is controlled by banks and governments of that country, but here this cryptocurrency, no bank to control and no government to rule. Due to this huge advantage there are many Hips as well as Hops, which I will be discuss later.

This cryptocurrency is run by a huge network of computers, by the people instead of an individual person or an organization. The money is in the form of cryptocurrency need to be stored in the Digital Wallet where you need to keep in the cloud or offline on a Computer and can be sent to somebody via internet. Every transaction will be recorded, which is known as “blockchain” that is openly accessible to all currency holders.

How are cryptocurrency records kept?


Normal currency is stored in a bank, but for cryptocurrency, there is no bank or any private organization, who holds the money, but where these cryptocurrency is been stored. If you want to know answer, then you should be aware of Blockchain. Blockchain is a digital public ledger, where all transactions were recorded.

Where every single record or a bunch of series records are known as Block, where these series of valid block are connected in the chain using cryptography is known as Blockchain. These block are once it is verified, then it cannot be changed.

What is mining?


Cryptocurrencies were released in the market through a procedure called “mining.” For you to mine this cryptocurrency, you should solve the mathematical problem known as hash, which helps to add the next block in the Blockchain. These exchanges or transactions are then recorded in the blockchain for all to see.

Most of the people around the world had come across these concept and started mining, among cores of miners around the world, who solves the mathematical puzzle will get the bonus in the form of cryptocurrency. The “miners” who will be succeed in solving the mathematical puzzle (Hash) can get block reward for which they mined.

What equipment do I need to begin mining cryptocurrency?

Like mining for gold, you require a couple of a bigger number of devices. Put investment into these things to begin:

  • Mining hardware. You’ll need a ASIC chip for your computer designed specifically to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Mining software. Look for free software with easy-to-follow instructions that explain how these programs work with your ASIC.
  • Bitcoin wallet. If you complete a block, you’ll need to store your bitcoin in a wallet.

How can I buy and use cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an unpredictable market, with trade rates that can rapidly change by day, and some of the time by hour. Bitcoin is the better-known and most significant cryptocurrency out there, however there are numerous others to know, that includes litecoin, peercoin, dogecoin, monero and ripple.

When you purchase or get cryptocurrency, you are given a one Digital key to the address of that currency. You can utilize this key to approve and access transactions.

Advantages and drawbacks of cryptocurrencies

One of the primary advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they give ananomus. For every transaction is recorded and shown freely to the public, you don’t need to share your own data, for example, a full name, address for sending and receiving of currency.

This Cryptocurrency has drawbacks as well, these cryptocurriencies are well known and organized by the hackers for criminal activities, as once transferred currency can’t be tracked back to them. That is one reason why governments aren’t encouraging these cryptocurriencies and might want to set up a more transparent method for utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Working with cryptocurrencies likewise has the benefit of being far cheap. Whereas a few fees may apply, they are small and these charges are not charged by banks and other financial organizations. Also, cryptocurrencies can’t be falsified, not at all like physical monetary forms.

The security of your money can likewise be a potential downside. The money you claim is put away in an advanced wallet that can be spared in the cloud, which means somebody could hack into your record and take it. The other alternative is to store it offline, on a PC.

You additionally need to remember that all transactions are irreversible and there is no assertion administration or oversight where you can file a complaint. This means in case you’re working with a deceptive retailer on the web and don’t get the product after payment has done, then you truly can’t do much about it. This isn’t the situation with other payment structures, for example, Mastercards, credit cards, where fake charges can be turned around.

Biggest cryptocurrencies you should know

Bitcoin is the greatest and most popular cryptocurrency with a large number of clients over the globe. It was established by some hacker group named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Nonetheless, it’s not by any means the only one, as there are supposedly around a 1,000 cryptocurriencies to look over.

Regardless of the huge number, there are just a couple of large cryptocurrencies. You’ll discover the rundown of the ten biggest ones as far as market capitalization underneath.

  1. Bitcoin:$69.2 billion
  2. Ethereum:$27.5 billion
  3. Ripple:$8.5 billion
  4. Bitcoin Cash: $5.8 billion
  5. Litecoin:$2.6 billion
  6. Dash:$2.2 billion
  7. NEM: $1.8 billion
  8. NEO:$1.4 billion
  9. IOTA:$1.4 billion
  10. Monero:$1.3 billion

As should be obvious, Bitcoin is path in front of its competitors. In view of its lead, it will probably remain the most utilized and important cryptocurrency on the planet for a long while.


After reading this article you come to know that, “What is a cryptocurrency?” Cryptocurrencies surely aren’t going anyplace in the coming years.

Have you ever used cryptocurrencies? Which ones? Let us know in the comments.

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  • […] The main motto to develop the Bitcoin is that in the 2008, the banks were charging a huge fee for transactions from one account to other account, to overcome this in 2008, satoshi nakamoto had published the paper “Peer-to-Peer Cash Transaction” which is based of mathematical proof is known as cryptocurrency. […]

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